In order to get data on how common autonomous vehicle sensors work in various weather conditions, we built a custom measuring station.

The measuring station hosts sensors such as lidars, radar and a camera. (For more details on sensors and data, please see the technical data panel) The station also has a weather station connected to it.

When the continuously running scripts on an on-board industrial level PC detect a big enough change in the weather parameters, the station will record each of the connected sensors for a short time. Metadata from these measurement events, as well as the weather state will then be transferred to our database, while the sensor data files are stored in a cloud object storage.

Measuring station. Sensors can be seen on the top left. Weather station on the right.

In order to better monitor the functionality of the measuring station at the beginning of the project, we created a technical data monitoring panel for internal use. The panel has since been released for public access. We also added “requester”-tab from which you can find a search tool for querying the data collected so far.

You can access the data panel from or by clicking the button below.